#36: Nepal Travel Log – Part 2

Hi Guys!
This is the second part of our Nepal adventure, and part three of our travel log 2012. We visit the royal cities Patan (Latipur), Pokhara and Bakthapur, following several religious hinduistic festivals, e.g. the three days lasting “cow festival” and show you the beautiful nature, e.g. a wonderful view of the Himalaya, and more…

We hope you like it 😉
Realiteens xx

Note: This video was shot and edited by JS



  1. worthstorm

    why don’t you show up the face of the camera person to the whole audience
    !!! we all wanna watch the camera person who takes this lovely video !!

  2. Realiteens

    That’s a lovely comment, thank you very much!

  3. where are you guys from?

  4. Niroj Maharjan

    I saw your short interesting video of NEPAL (Never Ending Peace And Love),,It was quite amazing and Beautiful Capture Himalayas. I like to thank miss. Marcia Schmidt and miss. Marnie Schmidt.
    If possible please re correct the spelling…
    Latipur = Lalitpur
    Bakthapur = Bhaktapur

  5. Raj Man Tamang

    You guys rock the great place…….thanks a lot! let me know if you are
    coming back to Nepal in future..i will be happy to take you around even
    more adventure places and trekking.. just keep in touch, search our travel
    in google, its Mirage Holidays or rajmantamang@gmail.com

  6. prabes karki

    great video, i admire ur effort to promote my country…….Danke!

  7. thank you so much for visiting nepal nice video good

  8. Really you girls have made so beautiful documentary of Nepal. I want you to
    catch next visit

  9. the one with the braces and rubber band in her mouth is adorable..

  10. yourdailymilk

    The braces are the best

  11. krist depiedad

    Went u visiting this part of the world to be respectful of the a culture,
    it is better to cover knees and shoulders ashamedly dressed indecently with
    shorts walk around. To enter the Buddhist temples, you are on holy grounds
    when visiting a Buddhist temple and you really ought to pay attention to
    the Do’s and Don’ts. If not, don’t be surprised when a Buddhist comes up
    to you to tell you how inappropriate you are dressed and/or behaving.

  12. Bishnu Poudel

    U ladies sud’ve visited more places around Pokhara, Just a few kms away
    from the city, U can see a better view of the himalayas!!

  13. Umesh Kumar

    U did great job dears!!

  14. Jesh Gurung

    Hey girls, thank you so much for this video. Its so nice to see the country
    from a tourist point of view. You helped me remind the places i used to
    live at and the places i have been. If not for USofA i would be home.
    Thanks again!

  15. sagar neupane

    Thank you so much visited NEPAL and share video ……

  16. bikal shrestha

    i saw my house aswell hehehe thanks alot

  17. Wao

  18. thnxxx p.s out

  19. Birat Gautam


  20. Thank you so much

  21. Haley Sabai

    “much more silent,not so busy”….wtf, the place is a zoo!!

  22. subodh sharma

    didnt you smoked some good tree out there??

  23. so nepal is in india right??

  24. ปวรุตม์ พงศ์พฤฒานนท์

    Nepal is my favourite country in Asia.

  25. 02:55 for ur kind of information beautiful ladys the himalaya name is
    FISHTAIL local name machapuchre. i am from pokhara anyway.

  26. Bikash Tiwari

    i like my country and glad to saw this nepal [place] video.thx for

  27. Bikash Shahi Thakuri

    Thanks for upload video. I m really misss my Nepal

  28. saaz karmacharya


  29. Sangita Rai

    Wow I really want to give you thank you girl good job!!:-)

  30. zamboo lama

    u both girl r cute thanks for upload

  31. Daniel Zellan

    It really is great work girls. I appreciate it and your courageous
    adventuous spirit. Blessings youg lady friends. : )

  32. Prakash Aryal


  33. sharad darshandhari

    No nepal is separate country n it have own culture different then what ever
    u name that another country

  34. Ram Bdr Thapa

    Thank for visit to nepal!

  35. Prthivi Bhujel

    Thanks girls for your video.This will help <3 NEPAL <3 in whole world

  36. newa gal

    lots of Newari People in dis vdo 😀 !!! Love my country!! Love Nepal 😀

  37. Chandan Bhattarai

    woww thanks young lady

  38. satyabahadur nepali

    Thank you very much beauty young girls visit our country.

  39. I don’t have any single word to appreciate these two beautiful girls and
    cameraman. I just wanna say you made a small warm space in every Nepalese
    heart. You are amazing girls. God keep you safe n happy always. We all
    Nepalese pray for you. Thank you so much for nice documentary of Nepal.
    Keep loving Nepal and Nepalese.

  40. yubraj sapkota

    Yes !!!!you girls are amazing. ….and with so much love always warm
    welcome to nepal …

  41. Sagar Pokhrel

    Awesome !!! Short #documentary about #Nepal. Respect !

  42. santosh pintu

    than u girls….

  43. cammy chose

    I am Nepali but i live in India because of my studies and i miss Nepal! so
    i want to say Thank you for this video we all appricciate you for this
    video! we wish you good luck for every thing 😉

  44. Udim Gurung

    I just want to thanks to the two beautiful looking girls for creating and
    sharing such a wonderful video god bless you both…

  45. James Rana
  46. Shyam Ghale

    Hi everyone out there!!!! thanks for uploading this video and came for
    visit my country Nepal…By the way now I m out of Nepal and everytime I m
    missing my motherland country Nepal so after seeing this video I just fell
    that I m in HOME…I am from Pokhara,one of the beautiful city in
    NEPAL…its really fell good to see my people faces…there innocent smile
    and friendly behavior…I am proud to be a Nepali….and I wish happy
    journey to everyone out there who are planning to visit Nepal..I hope u
    will have a wounderful time there…lots of love from Nepal and be peace

    Jai NEPAL !!!

  47. serene peoria

    I liked ur travel Nepal video but in part 2 in 2:55 the mountain is
    Machhapuchhre (Fish-tail Mountain).Yea, there are Annapurna ranges as well
    but its on each side of Fish tail Mountain..

  48. nvnakarmi

    Chulbule ramri nani means restless young teen beautifuls has uploaded so
    nice videos!!!!! TKUVVM.You’re always warm welcome in NEPAL

  49. Anup Shrestha

    hope to see you again here!!! warm welcome always 🙂

  50. raghu luitel

    thank you for two young girls who see our Nepal. Video is very nice then
    you don’t see monkey temple, Pashupatinath temple ,nagarkot ,sarangkot
    etc .Annapurna is not this mountain but same line next one. this is
    a machhapurchhe mountain.

  51. chiku jami

    newari cuture is superr

  52. sunil dhungana

    From the pokhara we cannot see the height mountain of the world .

  53. Cosmos Shrestha

    Part 2 is better than Part 1. Lots of temples, our traditions & festivals
    are shown in Part 2. Nepal is a beautiful country . We have so many
    traditions, festivals, beautiful places to visit.The only problem is that
    small roads, pollution & overcrowd.

  54. Sudip Ghimire

    2:56 Machapuchhre its not annapurna

  55. fiascoDazzle

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting the video. Hope you enjoyed your stay
    in Nepal 🙂

  56. highly appreciated…

  57. I love it hope you guys had a lot of fun 🙂 thank you for this video it is
    beautiful documentary..

  58. there’s so much education in travelling. Learning all the guidebooks is not
    worth travelling a day in a foreign land.

  59. Raam Bogati

    Thanks RealiTeen for wonderful video….

  60. Birman Gautam

    Very proud to be a Nepali. liked this one more cuz you showed my home town
    Bhaktapur.!!!!! thanks. namaskar!!

  61. sunita sunita khatri

    Hope you enjoyed visit and again come to visit different places in Nepal

  62. John Abrahm

    There u go living goddess. Really…

  63. Proud to be nepali ……

  64. pr thulung Rai

    Nice video 🙂
    Thanks for visiting/NEPAL

  65. after watching this i miss my hometown Patan :((( thanks for uploading
    ….vivid memories

  66. So pretty young girls ummmmmmmma,,appreciated with love thank you so
    muchhhhhhhh hope always keep loving with us, visit again and again, wish to
    have every-time different flavour of travelling,,,,we are all Nepalese
    always loving you ummmmmmmmmma

  67. Debendra Pokharel


  68. Manish Niraula

    you translated gaijatra as cow festival funny.

  69. Sharabh Raj Sangum

    That’s just a keyhole to peep Nepal from America that shows some unique
    cultures blended with the natural beauties.
    The festival of Bhaktapur has its own speciality in Nepal.
    The picture taking quality looks superb ! Thanks to your tourist way
    travelling…… and you have to know many
    destinations of the country !…..Keep it up girls ………………….to
    show off the………… hidden parts of the cities !!!!!!!

  70. Bhuban Kandel

    Both of them videos were really cool, I would like to say thank you so

  71. Sushan Shrestha

    pokhara is beautiful lovely place .. wowo

  72. shikhar adhikari

    the mountain that you showed at first is not annapurna its machhapuchre or
    fishtail mountain.

  73. Santos Raj Timalsina

    thanks both of u ☺☺

  74. Nagag Salka

    Excellente………………I liked the video, Nepal is very beautiful

  75. Nagag Salka

    Thanks to you both for posting ……………….and sharing

  76. pr thulung Rai
  77. guys are lucky ….wanna go there soon.

  78. ashesh Shrestha

    awesome !!!!

  79. Chris'Tof Vidéo

    good video 🙂

  80. Manish Karmacharya

    thanks for visiting my hometown beautiful bhaktapur,,u guys are really

  81. Aryan Shrestha

    Thank you so much girls for the promoting our place. Really appreciated

  82. Bivek dhakal

    mindblowing .. 🙂 .. visit again welcome anytym

  83. sanjay shrestha

    yesi. like

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